Monday, 30 March 2020

Nature carrys on......

As I went for my one lot of exercise for the day I decided to do a cycle round the country lanes nearby and I was completely awed by some new lambs in a field.  Life was just as usual for those animals.  After that as I continued to cycle I noticed all the primroses, daffodils and many other flowers popping up.  It struck me that in these uncertain and strange times when many things are changing and for many of us it might feel like life has died.  Nature has not, it continues as always, things are starting to turn green, flowers are growing and new life continues, there is hope an expectation for something new.  Thank goodness God is the same yesterday, today and forever and we can enjoy his handiwork continuing to live around us.  Keep going everyone! (Sorry there is no picture of the lambs....I was so busy watching them I didn't think to take a picture!)

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